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Welcome to West Anthem

Our aim is to build concrete and practical approaches to growing the music industry in a province eager to diversify its economy.

Alberta has a strong and storied music industry, but to date, the industry has not had a holistic strategic focus. We think it is time for change. Cities that treat music as an essential industry see a wide range of economic, social and cultural benefits.

We know that music means jobs. Music means engaged youth. Music means entrepreneurship. Music means tourism. Music means a vibrant nighttime economy. Music means an exciting city brand. Music means business.


In November 2014, Calgary’s own National Music Centre released a report on Alberta’s music industry, detailing the economic benefits of a strong provincial music industry and making recommendations to government and other sector partners. Through the support of Music Canada and the funding of Scotlyn Foundation the report, titled Fertile Ground: Alberta Music Cities Initiative, made detailed recommendations to stimulate the growth and sustainability of Alberta’s music industry through an economic lens. Alberta Music Cities was formed as a result of this report and has since been rebranded as West Anthem.

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    What We’re Doing

    In an effort to develop a thorough economic profile and a province-wide strategic plan for Alberta’s music industry, West Anthem is embarking on the first of the four key recommendations, mapping Alberta’s live music venues. The resulting economic profile will provide a tool that municipalities can use to stimulate economic growth, increase investment, retain youth, and drive tourism.

    Why It’s Important

    Research shows cities that treat music as an essential industry see a wide range of economic, social, and cultural benefits. We know that with music comes more engaged youth, more jobs, more entrepreneurship, more tourism, and more vibrant cities and towns.

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    Get Involved

    Become a part of the movement!

    We’re looking for more West Anthem committee members! As a committee member, you’ll help ensure the seeds of the Fertile Ground report grow into a powerful provincial strategy to stimulate economic growth and support the music industry.

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    Founding Partners


    • Tourism Calgary
    • Calgary Chamber of Commerce
    • Calgary Arts Development Authority
    • Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

    Steering Committee

    • Andrew Mosker, National Music Centre
    • Adam Fox, National Music Centre
    • Carly Klassen, Alberta Music
    • Jeff Hessell, Tourism Calgary
    • Graham Lessard, Scotlyn Foundation
    • Sheena Way, Oilers Entertainment Group
    • Allison Pfeifer, Government of Alberta
    • Greg Curtis, Tooth Blackner
    • Kaley Beisiegel, West Anthem