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Summer Youth & Community Programs

Get ready to make this summer unforgettable for your visiting summer camps, youth groups, and community organizations! We are delighted to unveil three special packages aimed at adding a little music to your summer activities.

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  • Ultimate Summer Soundscapes Experience

    Age Group: 7-15
    Location: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
    Cost: $375 + GST per group of 15.
    Length: 3.5 hours

    Ultimate Summer Soundscapes Experience includes:

    • Music Odyssey – an Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt in Studio Bell, focusing on music and art exploration.
    • 2 x in-gallery, hands-on activities led by one of National Music Centre’s talented educators.
    • Kimball Theatre Organ demonstration
    • Access to a dedicated lunch space in the East Village Skybridge

    *The Ultimate Summer Soundscapes Experience can host a maximum of 45 youth. Price extends to each group of 15.

In-Gallery Activity Options

  • Campfire Singalong

    “Campfire Singalong” is an in-gallery program that recreates the community and connection felt when singing in a group by a campfire. Though this activity won’t feature real kindling, a fireside ambience will be recreated indoors. Students will be able to choose from a variety of our acoustic instruments in addition to singing along to some traditional, children’s, and Canadian campfire songs. We even have a special NMC original tune for attendees to learn and jam along to!


    • Students will explore various tempos and rhythms.
    • Students will express their own unique creativity and will be encouraged to experiment and contribute in ways that feel authentic to them.
    • This activity will highlight teamwork and collaboration.
  • Sound Storm

    "Sound Storm" is an in-gallery program designed to unleash children's energy and creativity through the collective creation of a cacophony of sound using a variety of instruments. By encouraging students to listen attentively to one another and work collaboratively towards a common goal, the program fosters teamwork skills and promotes self-expression. Through this program children will develop an appreciation for diverse auditory landscapes, and cultivate a greater appreciation for the sounds of nature.


    • Students can express themselves loudly and energetically, expending their pent-up energy and emotions.
    • Students will learn to listen to each other attentively and collaborate towards a common goal.
    • Students will be encouraged to explore the sounds and music that are present in nature.
    • Students will experiment with different rhythms, volumes, and timbres.
  • Serenity Soundscapes

    "Serenity Soundscapes" is an in-gallery program designed to introduce students to the calming qualities of diverse musical instruments from around the world. Through hands-on exploration of instruments like Himalayan Singing Bowls, Tongue Drums, and Tuning Forks, students not only create a serene soundscape but also learn about the fascinating phenomenon of sympathetic resonance. Students will also foster cultural appreciation and active listening skills.


    • Students will explore the calming and soothing qualities of specific instruments, laying a foundation for further exploration of music as a tool for emotional regulation.
    • Students will learn about the cultural origins of diverse instruments and collaborate to create a harmonious soundscape that brings together elements from different musical traditions, fostering cultural appreciation and unity.
    • Students will strengthen their ability to focus and actively listen to each other, responding sensitively to cues and contributing to the collective harmony.
    • Students will learn about sympathetic resonance
  • Music Odyssey

    "Music Odyssey" is an Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt in Studio Bell, focusing on music and art exploration. Students will work in groups to gather photos and videos* based on a list of prompts about the museum. As your students navigate the museum, they'll encounter the wonders of musical instruments, historical artifacts, and legendary musicians from different eras. Students will leave with prizes and memorable photos to take home and share with their classmates, teachers, family and friends.

    *Parent supervisors & teachers are highly encouraged to bring their own device that is suitable for photo and video. For a nominal fee, parents and teachers can rent a device during their visit, after which time an NMC team member will facilitate a file transfer and device wipe.


  • Kimball Theatre Organ

    Age Group: All
    Location: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
    Cost: $75 + GST per group*
    Length: 30 minutes – included in the time of your stay

    No visit to Studio Bell is complete until you’ve seen and heard the famed Kimball Theatre Organ. Join us for an exclusive demonstration of this iconic instrument, where you’ll discover the unique functions of this instrument whilst exploring the history of sound in cinema! Finally, let NMC’s skilled educators take you on a journey through some classic songs from film, television and popular music.

    *No minimum or maximum required

  • Rock The Nation

    Age Group: All
    Location: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
    Cost: $150 + GST per group of 15
    Length: 2 x :60-minute sets at 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm respectively – added to the time of your visit.

    Rock the Nation is a celebration of over 60 years of Canadian music, featuring songs from the ‘50s to present day that inspired, moved, comforted, and challenged a country. It’s the soundtrack to generations and a musical reflection of a country’s evolution; a nation intent on building its own unique identity in a rapidly changing world. Experience it all live on stage, and journey through the decades by revisiting songs and music made famous by Paul Anka, the Guess Who, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Maestro Fresh Wes, k.d. lang, Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, Drake, The Weeknd, and so many more.

    *Exclusively available on Saturdays and Sundays; subject to availability.