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Stay tuned for details on Calgary's favourite music camp for youth next spring and summer!

National Music Centre's one-week camps at Studio Bell are great for kids ages 9-12 who love music, with a focus on learning to play musical instruments and performing as a group.

Photos by Brianna Ross.

NMC's Approach

Our summer camps put expression and exploration above accuracy and technicality, giving kids more freedom than a traditional music class.

The most valuable life skills come from the collaborative component of playing in a group:

  • When you work as a team in a non-competitive environment, to produce music, you plant seeds of future collaborative skills that can translate into many life experiences, influencing how you work with and relate to other people.
  • Knowing how to accompany other musicians in a supportive and listening manner can help prepare you for conversations throughout your life that require you to develop patience and understanding. The connections that you make on a stage can help you assert your own voice as well as genuinely listen to others.

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*NMC has a fleet of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, ukuleles and some miscellaneous instruments in between! If your instrument of choice is particularly niche, or is a wind instrument of any kind, we recommend that you bring it with you.