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Traffic Jam 2024
Traffic Jam 2024

You’re Invited to Traffic Jam 2024! A brand-new one day car show hitting the streets of East Village on August 11th!

About Traffic Jam:

This event isn't just about vintage automobiles; it's a celebration of the bonds between musicians, stars, and their iconic cars. This year commemorates the 60th Anniversary of British Pop Music’s North American debut and the Beatles' first Canadian tour, a cultural tidal wave bringing both British pop music and iconic British and European cars to our shores. More information on the event day to come!

Sponsor a Car:

Support the event by making a donation or sponsoring a car! Fill out the donation form below to contribute. Car sponsors will receive an exclusive invitation to The Car Draw, a wine and cheese event to be held at the Jaguar Land Rover Royal Oak showroom in June. Additionally, car sponsors will be honoured with a commemorative framed print for their generous support. Your contribution will directly benefit Jam Club at the National Music Centre, helping us continue our mission of fostering musical education and creativity.

Car sponsorship starts at $2,500, donate through the form below. The Traffic Jam team will reach out to car sponsors regarding the details on the Car Draw wine and cheese event.

About Jam Club:

Jam Club, a free after-school drop-in program for teens ages 13 to 19, offers a nurturing environment for skill development and creative exploration. Led by the National Music Centre's education team and dedicated volunteers, it provides a pivotal space for young individuals to pursue music education, develop life skills, and foster connections with peers who share similar passions. With goals centered on empowerment, inclusivity, and artistic growth, Jam Club also emphasizes the development of teamwork, communication, and self-confidence. In addition to musical development, participants receive a free hot meal, ensuring their basic needs are met while engaging in enriching activities. Since 2011, Jam Club has been a vital platform for music education and exploration in the community, nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians who have gone on to pursue careers in music. Supporting Jam Club allows sponsors to invest in the next generation of musical talent while championing creativity, collaboration, and artistic excellence within our community.