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Andy DeJarlis

Andy DeJarlis

Andy DeJarlis, is renowned as a Métis fiddling master. He won his first fiddling contest in 1935 and became a prominent fiddle entertainer on the prairies, particularly for radio appearances on CJRC radio between 1935-1943 in Winnipeg.

He also toured extensively between 1937-1943 throughout Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. His band was known initially as the Red River Mates and later as the Early Settlers.

Andy was born in Woodridge, Manitoba in 1914 and comes from a family of Métis fiddlers including Pierre Falcon, called the “Red River Bard.” Andy was introduced to the violin at the age of 15 and won over 20 fiddling contests in western Canada by 1952.

Andy began recording in 1956; most of his compositions, like his various ‘Red River’ pieces and his ‘Manitoba Waltz,’ are named for specific locations, family and friends. He published his own music under Broadland Music and DeJarlis Music. He is credited with selling over 500,000 albums throughout his career. Andy is remembered for his expertise in both composing and performing fiddle music, particularly his style of waltzes and Métis repertoires.

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