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Sikh Heritage Month with Khalsa School Calgary
Sikh Heritage Month with Khalsa School Calgary

Join us for a special Vaisakhi Keertan performance from the students and teachers of Khalsa School Calgary in celebration of Sikh Heritage Month.

The students that will be performing are from the Advanced Tabla and Harmonium groups. The Advanced Harmonium group consists of students in grades 6-9, led by their teacher Pavneet Kaur, and the Advanced Tabla group consists of students from grade 3, 7, and 9, led by their teacher Harpreet Singh.

It is customary to observe certain etiquette during Keertan performances. As a sign of respect, it is requested that everyone, including the audience, kindly remove their shoes and cover their heads. This can be done with a scarf, bandana, or even a toque. Your cooperation in honouring these traditions is greatly appreciated.

About Pavneet Kaur:

I am blessed to pursue my passion as a Music teacher for more than a decade now. I did my Doctorate (Phd) in Music from Rajasthan, India, Masters and Bachelors in Music Honours from Delhi University, India. Apart from the regular studies, I did another Bachelor’s degree in Music from Allahabad University, India. I have also completed certifications in Gurbani Sangeet. I joined Khalsa School in 2019 and this is my 4th year. I love spending time with my family , reading motivational stories and playing with my son. I strive to create Musical compositions and love teaching the art form. According to me, Kirtan is an important part of the education which helps in the overall development of the child. At Khalsa School, I teach Harmonium lessons from Grade 1 – Grade 9 .

About Harpreet Singh:

I moved from Dubai U.A.E. in 2000. I grew up listening to Keertan (the recitation of the Sikh Holy Scripture) as well as playing Tabla with various keertanies from a young age. I was attracted to the rhythmic sounds of the Tabla. I have been with KSC for the past 10 years as a Tabla Instructor. I have been playing Tabla for the past 19 years and currently I am a disciple of world renowned Tabla artist Ustad Tari Khan.

About Khalsa School Calgary:

Khalsa School Calgary is a Sikh faith private school that aspires to provide students with countless opportunities to achieve academic excellence in a spiritual environment which instils the highest standard of moral and humanitarian values. This mission is fostered through encouraging all members of our school community to adopt a humble sense of care, love and respect for ourselves, for others and for our beliefs and values.

We strive to teach the three pillars of Sikh values to our students:

  • Naam Japo (meditation), which involves achieving and sustaining a positive outlook of our creator, through a balance between the mind, body and soul.
  • Kirt Karo (honest living), which is defined as earning one’s livelihood through honest means and hard work.
  • Vand Shako (sharing), which is to volunteer our time, knowledge and earnings to those in need.