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Alberta Spotlight: Beach Season with Selci
Alberta Spotlight: Beach Season with Selci

The National Music Centre is pleased to present electro-soul duo Beach Season with alt-pop singer-producer Selci as part of the Alberta Spotlight series.

The duo behind Beach Season, Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer, explore the intersection between R&B and electronic pop music, inserting retro synths, drum machine samples, and sugary pop. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, a city known for its cold and dry weather, the duo saw themselves much differently from their city and their contemporaries; a Beach Season in the middle of winter.

Encasing you in layers of ambient beats and jazz-infused electronica, Selci is a journey that takes you to the ethers and back again. Hailing from Winnipeg, the now-Calgarian is incubating her potent vision in the local underground electronic scene. She weaves vibey synth and layered harmonies in with her classical background to create a form of free-standing art pop that is truly effervescent.

Special thanks to the Viewpoint Foundation for their support. Thanks also to media partner BeatRoute and theYYScene.