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Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the study and practice of how music affects people. Music therapists use music as their primary intervention when working with all population groups. Tempo, timbre, melody, harmony, pitch and genre of music are always considered – with the primary aim of supporting the needs of the clients by opening doors to communication, enticing participation and creating opportunity for inclusive social interactions. Research has shown that music can be an engaging and attractive stimulus for all persons regardless of age or ability.

In collaboration with JB Music Therapy’s Certified Music Therapists, NMC’s music therapy programs are open to all but ideal for those navigating life transitions, such as Calgary seniors interested in improving their memory and mood.


JB Music Therapy is a team of certified Music Therapists (MTAs) who collaborate, design and personalize therapy plans with their clients that will foster desired change: boost mood, decrease stress, improve speech after injury, increase focus, develop learning, reduce anxiety, and recover lost memories.

JB Music Therapy is a company that empowers and connects every person to their best self regardless of circumstance. We champion music therapy through excellence in clinical practice and public education, transforming lives one note at a time.


All JBMT music therapists are Certified Music Therapists (MTA) with the Canadian Association of Music Therapists and have completed their education (undergrad and/or masters) in music therapy, a 1000-hour internship, and have passed the certified board exam.

The Music Therapist’s primary aim is to assess, identify and provide musical experiences that will evoke the highest level of engagement and positive response from all participants in the program.