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ADISQ Hall of Fame

In partnership with l’Association québécoise de l’industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la video (ADISQ), this permanent exhibition space honours the latest Félix Award winners and music makers from Québec. The exhibition re-creates the annual televised Gala de l’ADISQ for Studio Bell visitors using exclusive photographs and video clips from the Félix awards ceremony. 

Located on the 5th floor of Studio Bell, this gallery also includes a plaque wall, featuring 30+ years of Félix Hommage award recipients, including the 2019 inductee, public relations specialist Francine Chaloult. The Félix Hommage award recognizes the outstanding careers of artists or industry professionals who have contributed to the development of music in Québec.

Visit the ADISQ website here for more information on the organization.