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NMC & Sled Island present: LOSCIL with hundredmillionthousand
NMC & Sled Island present: LOSCIL with hundredmillionthousand

National Music Centre and Sled Island are pleased to present electronic composer and multimedia artist LOSCIL with hundredmillionthousand at Studio Bell as part of an avant-garde concert series.

is the electronic music project of Vancouver-based Scott Morgan. Since the late 1990s, Morgan has released dozens of recordings under the LOSCIL moniker, mostly through the respected indie label Kranky based in Portland, Oregon.

His latest album, Equivalents, was released in the summer of 2019. “Inspired by Alfred Stieglitz’ black-and-white photographs of clouds, the Canadian ambient musician reworks piano samples into one of the most monochromatic albums of his career,” wrote Pitchfork.

Morgan has also produced numerous special projects, remixes and collaborations with other musicians including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Murcof/Vanessa Wagner, Sarah Neufeld, bvdub, Rachel Grimes, Christina Vantzou, Destroyer, Seabuckthorn, Lusine and Kelly Wyse.
Morgan has composed for film and TV and licensed music to bold documentaries, including The Corporation, Scared Sacred, Damnation, Enlighten Us and The Marshall Projects’s award winning series We Are Witnesses. LOSCIL has contributed bespoke music and video for dance working with choreographers Damien Jalet from Belgium and Vanessa Goodman from Vancouver. He has been involved in creating music for games and multimedia projects such as Hundreds, Osmos, SESQUI and his own generative music application ADRIFT.

As a touring entity, Morgan has brought his live audio-visual performances to festivals worldwide including Mutek, Decibel, Le Guess Who, LEV, Gamma, Today’s Art and Big Ears.

When you hear the dense, beat-driven music of hundredmillionthousand, hallowed grounds like Mutek and MoMa PS1 come to mind long before a nightclub ever would. HMT has made music for film, installation and dance performance, and will release a follow-up to the high drama beatscapes of his debut album "lp1" in 2020.