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OHSOTO’KINO is an Indigenous programming initiative focusing on three elements: creation of new music in NMC’s recording studios, artist development through a music incubator program, and exhibitions via the annually updated Speak Up! gallery.

With support from TD, and building on the groundwork already laid in previous years, NMC is creating more opportunities for Indigenous artists to produce new music and develop their skills, and continuing to amplify the stories of Indigenous musicians and their contributions to Canadian culture. OHSOTO’KINO is a Blackfoot phrase, which means ‘to recognize a voice of.’ This title acknowledges the Blackfoot people and the territory on which National Music Centre resides. NMC’s National Indigenous Programming Advisory Committee will lead the direction of the initiative designed to forge stronger bridges of understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

OHSOTO'KINO is proudly supported by

Original OHSOTO'KINO branding and design
 Leticia Spence.