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Tune in to Music at Work
Tune in to Music at Work

The National Music Centre is thrilled to introduce an exciting new series in collaboration with Jennifer Buchanan. This five-session series, titled ‘Tune in to Music for Health, Happiness, and Success,’ delves into how professionals, educators, artists, wellness practitioners, and many more can harness the transformative power of music in both their workplace and personal lives.

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Program schedule

  • October 20 – Tune in to Music in the Classroom
  • October 27 – Tune in to Music in Healthcare
  • November 10 – Tune in to Music for Optimum Wellness
  • November 17 – Tune in to Music for the Artist
  • November 24 – Tune in to Music at Work

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Tune in to Music at Work

Best suited for managers, leaders, HR professionals, corporate wellness coordinators, and operational directors.

In the dynamic world of business, the nuances of music offer more than just melodies – they present solutions. Uncover the transformative power of music in fostering team cohesion, enhancing productivity, and alleviating workplace stress. This presentation provides evidence-based insights and strategies that corporate leaders can harness, turning every work environment into an orchestra of innovation, collaboration, and holistic employee well-being.

Learning goals:

  • Investigate the multifaceted benefits of music in the workplace, ranging from improved sleep quality and stress reduction to heightened focus and team synergy.
  • Learn the primary considerations to integrate music seamlessly into the corporate ethos, ensuring it resonates with organizational objectives.
  • Hear global case studies that illuminate forward-thinking corporate landscapes where music has been leveraged for enhanced well-being and operational excellence.

About Jennifer Buchanan, MBA, MTA

Jennifer Buchanan is a distinguished music therapist with a career spanning over three decades. She is the Founder of JB Music Therapy, a dedicated team of certified music therapists who serve thousands across various settings each year.

With an MBA specializing in Social Entrepreneurship Jennifer masterfully weaves music therapy, business, and heart, extending her influence across the country and beyond. She has served as the past President and former Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists and currently, she holds a prestigious position as a Director at the National Music Centre.

Her clinical specialization encompasses mental health, corrections, and corporate wellness. This expertise is beautifully captured in her book, "Wellness, Wellplayed," where she delves into the profound influence of music, neuroscience and the power of a playlist.

Her recent collaboration with Victim Services of the FBI exemplifies her mission: to extend the reach of music therapy where it's most needed, ensuring that the art and science of music become universally recognized and used as a powerful bridge to well-being and connection.