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Synthtober: Suspenseful Soundscapes
Synthtober: Suspenseful Soundscapes

We're wrapping up a month of spooky, scary, and space-y programs with a special program in celebration of "Halloweekend"!

Sound is a pretty important part of movies — especially in horror and science fiction. But there are many different types of sound in movies. There are sound effects — which are enhanced noises that emphasize parts of a story; think of a slap in the face, or a bomb exploding. Then there are soundtracks — music that accompanies and compliments a film, but is not necessarily created for the film. Then, there are film scores — which comprise of original music composed to accompany a film; soundscapes that heighten a film’s emotion, amplifying the mood of certain scenes; think of John Carpenter’s now famous Halloween theme, or the bone-chilling Jaws theme.

Join us in the Performance Hall for a crash course on Foley and creating film soundscapes. Explore the endless ways of making ambient sound for television and film using ordinary household objects. Then, we’ll switch gears and try to create our own iconic film score to accompany some spooky scenes from television and film.

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