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Sundays in C-Square: The Corey Hotline with Justine Giles
Sundays in C-Square: The Corey Hotline with Justine Giles

Join the National Music Centre for free musical afternoons in East Village’s open-air urban square! Head down to East Village's beautiful plaza for Sundays in C-Square and enjoy an acoustic set from The Corey Hotline's Mason Jenkins followed by their electric full band performance. Justine Giles will open the show.

About The Corey Hotline

These award-winning hotline operators bring you celebratory and spirited dive bar bangers. Their sophomore album Dream Phone (2022) is an explosive, optimistic pop paean, renewing your faith in rock n’ roll. Raised on Detroit Rock City, Josie and the Pussycats, and Spice World... The Corey Hotline are purveyors of pure rock 'n’ roll fantasy. Formed around the songwriting of Mason Jenkins (he/him), the first album Please Hold was released in 2018. Jenkins calls himself the transman-frontman, and shares experiences navigating gender identity, love, and van repairs. Joining Mason is Blake McLeod (they/them) who is a Cree nonbinary queer artist, and the “New Found Corey.” Blake is the proud owner of the sweetest heart, and is quick to point out very cute dogs. Completing the Coreys is Cat Alcorn (she/her) on drums; a queer heart throb, rolling up on her skateboard and immediately making you blush. The Corey Hotline is eager to please. The music is hot, heavy, and the phone lines are ready.

About Mason Jenkins

Mason Jenkins is an advocate and spokesperson for bringing back the "Calgary Wave" and tries to embody the attitude of a very good dog. Jenkins is a transgender man, which makes him an excellent inclusivity bingo dab to any event. He daringly shares stories and jokes of his adventures in gender and navigating the world as a retired lesbian (Undefeated, 2006-2011). Mason's songs are velvet paintings. They are elegantly grafted and from a forgotten era and delightfully campy. His songwriting is built upon a darkness that makes the listener ask out loud "...hey, is this guy ok?" Of course, the darkness creates contrast, it makes the brights brighter, any dog could tell you that.

About Justine Giles

Drawing inspiration from artists including Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette and Kacey Musgraves, Justine Giles has developed her own distinctive sound rooted in her personal journey. With her new single "Save Myself," Justine shows that she's right where she is supposed to be at this point in her life - ready to fully embrace a career making music that is sure to have a deep and lasting positive impact on her audience

Sundays in C-Square runs every Sunday between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm from August 7-28 at the corner of 7 Avenue and 4 Street SE in East Village.

After taking in a free concert, wander over to Studio Bell to take advantage of pay-what-you-can admission. The NMC Gift Shop & Café will also be open, offering grab-and-go snacks and drinks. Eat in or take your food out for a picnic on St. Patrick's Island.