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Sundays in C-Square: Brett Cassidy with Emily Triggs
Sundays in C-Square: Brett Cassidy with Emily Triggs

Join the National Music Centre for free musical afternoons in East Village’s open-air urban square! Head down to East Village's beautiful plaza for Sundays in C-Square and enjoy a performance from alt-folk singer-songwriter Brett Cassidy with opener Emily Triggs.

About Brett Cassidy:

Brett Cassidy is a Calgary, AB-based multi-instrumentalist that has spent the past decade honing his songcraft as part of a bevy of bands, playing folk, country, indie, and rock music across Canada. Now, for the first time, he has stepped out from the comfort of the background with guitar, and sometimes banjo in tow, to play solo songs that combine his favourite bits of all those genres. Drawing as much inspiration from traditional American folk and country music as he does from psychedelic drones, Cassidy's songs create a space for those forgotten in time to stomp their feet alongside a suitcase kick drum. 

About Emily Triggs:

Emily Triggs is a bred-in-the-bones roots musician. In her debut album When Guinevere Went Under, the guitarist, singer-songwriter takes you on a journey through influences and experiences that have shaped her folk/roots sound. Emily shares stories through her songs with an endearing simplicity and emotional depth. With a pure and true vocal, complementing a solid base of undeniably roots music composition, Emily engages the listener. Her music grips the heart and elevates the soul. Her songs are double edged, unapologetic and a unique sound in the genre of folk/roots.