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Stampede Serenades with Alex Hughes
Stampede Serenades with Alex Hughes

Catch some Stampede Serenades with Alex Hughes in celebration of the Calgary Stampede!

About Alex Hughes
If opposites attract, Alex Hughes is a walking dichotomy. Having been raised equally on the sounds of classic country and R&B, Alex’s take on pop-country delivers more soul and grit than one might expect from her 5’2” frame. With influences ranging from the likes of Linda Ronstadt and LeAnn Rimes to Snoop Dogg and Destiny’s Child, Alex possesses a distinct sound that weaves soulful runs into classic country melodies driven by pop beats. Regardless of whether it's time to dim the lights or turn up the bass, Alex Hughes delivers a performance that audiences won’t forget.

True to her paradoxical nature, Alex’s latest single, “After 31” is an introspective look back on the pressures we place on ourselves to meet certain expectations throughout the different stages of our lives, while simultaneously encouraging and reminding listeners that age truly is just a number and that there’s no timeline for accomplishing your dreams – a message that clearly resonated with Alex’s audience as “After 31” has been added to CBC Country on Sirius XM, streamed more than 50,000 times, and was included on more than 815 playlists.

The descendent of great-grandparents that met in a traveling polynisaian band that played throughout India, Alex was born to perform. She has opened for the likes of Kenny G and has had the opportunity to play to audiences across North America including The House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard, the iconic Tootsies in Nashville, and Nashville North at The Calgary Stampede.

With a desire to honor the classic country songs she loved to sing in her youth and inspired by the bass heavy songs she used to blast in her Jeep when she was learning to drive, Alex promises to deliver something that is as sincere and fun as she is.

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