Scotiabank Backbeat presents: Tandem Yam
Scotiabank Backbeat presents: Tandem Yam

During August and September, check out local artists in a series of pop-up performances throughout the Studio Bell galleries. This weekend, check out Tandem Yam as they tell some smooth Dad jokes, explain what "Yacht Rock" is, and sing some sweet harmonies.

Do you like Dad jokes? How about potatoes? It's hard to imagine there's a lot of hilarious material on root vegetables but Tandem Yam has rows of them planted! These two "best-spuds" formed an acoustic duo (hence the 'tandem' part) that features the works of folk/pop artists Kayla Williams and Melody Stang, held together with witty between-song banter created from years touring as musical comedy act The Dirrty Show. We yam what we yam!

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