Scotiabank Backbeat presents: Soundboard Music Tour
Scotiabank Backbeat presents: Soundboard Music Tour

Explore the exciting world of classical music with the Soundboard Tour!

The Soundboard Tour is a series of recitals of various musical styles and composers, featuring talented University of Calgary music students (and teachers) who have prepared and polished their selections over the past semester. The students not only gain unique touring experience, but help to bring exceptional music to people of remote areas, to those who cannot travel, and to off-beat locations such as parks, businesses, and malls. For this installment, they'll bring their music to Studio Bell. Their aim is to spread the word: classical music nourishes and needs nourishing!

Scotiabank Backbeat provides regular weekend activations for families, children, and general visitors of all ages, including pop-up music performances, hands-on activities, presentations from community partners, and more.

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