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Scotiabank Backbeat presents: Long Branch
Scotiabank Backbeat presents: Long Branch

This fall, check out artists from around the country in a series of pop-up performances throughout the Studio Bell galleries. This weekend, Long Branch will be filling the Performance Hall with their introspective sound.

Long Branch's sound emerges from a solid guitar bedrock and the layered harmonies of the band's three formidable front women supported by nuanced, driving rhythms. Introspective, moody, and evocative, Long Branch songs are narratives of overcoming hardship. Yet the songs are hopeful: A whisper of sadness appears one moment only to be blown away by grit and determination. Dead leaves, bare trees, and redemption are embodied in their fuzz-fueled guitars and vocal harmonies. In this event at the National Music Centre, the three Long Branch guitarists and singers perform selections from their well received debut record, Found the Setting Sun, while offering glimpses into the band's next recordings.

Formed in 2014, the band is stacked with members from beloved Canadian combos, Adaptor 45, Chicken Milk, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, and Venus Cures All.
Long Branch released their debut full-length album, FOUND THE SETTING SUN, April 2018 on boutique label DWR. Termed a "wildly accomplished debut" the record expands on the introspective sound the band introduced to audiences with their self-released 7" single, "Lucky Me/Just in Case."

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