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Scotiabank Backbeat presents: Khari Wendell McClelland's Freedom Singer (LIVESTREAM)
Scotiabank Backbeat presents: Khari Wendell McClelland's Freedom Singer (LIVESTREAM)

Scotiabank Backbeat welcomes Vancouver artist Khari Wendell McClelland to present songs from his acclaimed album, Freedom Singer, in recognition of Black History Month.

The Freedom Singer album is a culmination of a research project that started for Khari over two years ago, when he met the Governor General awarded writer Karolyn Smardz Frost. Through reading her work he was sparked by the childhood stories of his great-great-great grandmother Kizzy who escaped US slavery through the Underground Railroad coming into Canada in the mid-1800s. This prompted Khari to start a journey of researching the songs that might have accompanied her on her journey and the family history surrounding her. Freedom Singer is a true celebration of black history, the album is a collection of rare and forgotten songs that McClelland interprets through the many styles and genres that helped to shape him. Using folk, gospel, country, hip hop and soul to reinvigorate these songs and build a bridge from the 1800s to the present.

Khari Wendell McClelland is a diversity talented and ever-evolving artist. Originally from Detroit, Khari has become a darling on the Canadian music scene with reviewers lauding his performances as a clever mix of soul and gospel. Khari's songwriting crosses genres and generations, joyfully invoking the spirit of his ancestors who straddled the US-Canadian border in efforts to escape slavery and discrimination. His music draws from this rich history, integrating the rhythms and folklore of early African-Americans with contemporary sounds and stories of struggle. Khari also performs with the roots-gospel group The Sojourners. Whether on stage or in the studio, Khari's passion for community, equality and justice is palpable, as is his belief in the redemptive power of music.

This event will be live streamed to NMC's Facebook page and website.

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