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NMC & Sled Island present: Sarah Neufeld with Rebecca Bruton
NMC & Sled Island present: Sarah Neufeld with Rebecca Bruton

NMC and Sled Island are pleased to present Sarah Neufeld with Rebecca Bruton as part of a series of concerts focused on neoclassical and avant-garde acts.

Montréal-based violinist and Arcade Fire member Sarah Neufeld is one of Canada's most exciting singular composers. Her music is a thoughtful journey through pop-minimalism with hypnotic balance of sound and song. While best known as a member of Arcade Fire, she is also a founding member of the acclaimed contemporary instrumental ensemble Bell Orchestre. Neufeld began developing pieces for solo violin in a formal sense in 2011, though she has made improvisation and solo composition part of her process and practice since first picking up the instrument at a young age. 

Rebecca Bruton
(Master of Fine Arts) is a Western Canadian composer, songmaker, and vocalist. Her music deals with subjects of land, loss, and desire. Rebecca’s chamber compositions have been performed by Quatuor Bozzini (Montréal, CA), Quasar Quatuor de saxophones (Montréal, CA), Momenta Quartet (NYC), Array Music (Toronto), Continuum Ensemble (Toronto), and by her own bands. She has completed one feature-length film score (with Katie Streibel), for the critically-acclaimed Circle of Steel (Kino Sum Productions 2018). As one half of the vocal performance duo Moss Moss Not Moss (with angela rawlings), Rebecca has also presented original work at Tectonics Festival Glasgow. Rebecca co-founded (with Alexandra Spence) Tidal–Signal, a Vancouver-based festival dedicated to women and trans-identifying artists working in experimental music.

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