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NMC Presents: Live at the King Eddy—The Wheat Pool
NMC Presents: Live at the King Eddy—The Wheat Pool

Dark country-rock band The Wheat Pool perform as part of NMC Presents: Bell Live at the King Eddy.

About The Wheat Pool
The Wheat Pool was formed in winter of 2005 by four men seeking a voice for their rural obsessions and fierce penchant for dark county-rock. The result was a new cooperative, whose influences drew from fellow Edmontonians Old Reliable, Winnipeg’s The Weakerthans, Steve Earle, Neil Young, Blue Rodeo, early Wilco and Whiskeytown. The songs themselves stemmed from two brothers, who penned dark, driving country-rock songs dealing with timeless themes of death and good old-fashioned longing. These are songs that are best appreciated in your car, on a dirt road, late at night, chasing trains in the dark. The Wheat Pool spent seven years travelling their country, playing every stop from Victoria to Halifax; bars, barns, concert halls and museums – their songs and stories found their way into many rooms and audiences. The band recorded two critically acclaimed full length albums and one EP, endearing themselves to fans around the world, before closing the chapter in 2012 to follow individual pursuits.

Sound production equipment for the King Eddy is provided by PK Sound and Yamaha.