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NMC Presents: CIBC Summer Series at the King Eddy — Smio with Malaika Hailey
NMC Presents: CIBC Summer Series at the King Eddy — Smio with Malaika Hailey

Join soulful singer-songwriter Smio and mesmerizing R&B artist Malaika Hailey at the legendary King Eddy for National Music Centre's CIBC Summer Series on August 2.

About Smio:

Calgary-based singer-songwriter Smio, who began crafting his own melodies and lyrics at 19, has achieved impressive success in just a few years. At just 24, his music has accumulated over 1 million streams across various platforms, with his single "Better Off Alone" reaching 500k+ streams on Spotify. Smio has also been instrumental in nurturing emerging talent, helping multiple artists embark on their music journeys, and working on HBO's hit series "The Last of Us." He also plays a vital role as a location manager in the Canadian film industry. Smio's music is a harmonious blend of Ed Sheeran's lyricism and Anderson East's soulful sound, capturing the hearts of listeners with his compelling style.

About Malaika Hailey:

Malaika Hailey was born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in small town Manitoba and now calls Calgary her home. Music, specifically singing, is her essential outlet. Singing brings her peace, clarity and purpose. Malaika pulls inspiration for her music from all life and light around her. She is inspired by her loved ones and the challenges she faces with them. Her writing is often motivated by an overwhelming sense of gratitude or grace; as well as frustrations and feelings of hopelessness. She believes that to live a whole life you must lead with love always, find balance and pursue elevation in all things. No one soul is like another and she finds that infinitely encouraging. As Malaika grows through life she aspires to share her voice and songs with anyone who will receive it with open arms. She aims to heal, uplift and awaken people with her gift of song.