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Music Therapy: HealthSong – Introduction to Songwriting
Music Therapy: HealthSong – Introduction to Songwriting

Experience the medicinal power of music through the National Music Centre's new drop-in music therapy sessions in collaboration with JB Music Therapy.

Introduction to Songwriting – October 6

Join us in HealthSong for an introduction to songwriting led by the skilled and certified music therapists at JB Music Therapy. Songwriting can be a wonderful creative outlet with a variety of therapeutic benefits. In this session, participants will explore songwriting structure and tips, and will leave empowered with the tools to incorporate songwriting into their wellness routines.

About HealthSong

Singing improves breathing, develops core muscles, exercises the brain (memory, concentration, linking left and right brain function), engages the emotions and encourages a feeling of belonging. Singers report benefits in all these areas, but even more, they report a huge improvement in their overall mood. Through the HealthSong stream, participants won’t just sing, they’ll also discuss how certain songs make them feel and find the music that will keep them feeling connected.

Music therapy is the study and practice of how music affects people. Music therapists use music as their primary intervention when working with all population groups. In these weekly sessions, music therapists will incorporate singing, vocalizing, instrument improvisation, exploration of unique sounds and other sensory experiences.

Tempo, timbre, melody, harmony, pitch and genre of music are always considered – with the primary aim of supporting the needs of the clients by opening doors to communication, enticing participation and creating opportunity for inclusive social interactions. Research has shown that music can be an engaging and attractive stimulus for all persons regardless of age or ability.

Led by JB Music Therapy’s Certified Music Therapists, HealthSong is open to all but ideal for those navigating life transitions, such as Calgary seniors interested in improving their memory and mood.

Participants can drop in for a single class, or come back week after week to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic singing and/or drumming, while also expanding on the skills explored in previous weeks.

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