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Listening Party — Night Train (1963)
Listening Party — Night Train (1963)

With a career spanning over 60 years, 200 recordings and 8 Grammys, Oscar Peterson cemented himself as one of the greatest jazz pianists ever known. Beginning to play at the age of 5, Peterson went on to being named “the Maharajah of the piano.” Join us as we experience in its glorious entirety Peterson’s best-selling album, Night Train (1963).

About Night Train

One of the most memorable albums in jazz music history, Night Train was released in 1963 by the Oscar Peterson Trio featuring Peterson on keys, Ray Brown on the double bass and Ed Thigpen on the drums. An automatic classic upon its release in 1963, Night Train has since gone on as the best-selling album of Oscar Peterson’s illustrious career. Comprising of tight arrangements and radio-friendly song lengths, Night Train exposed jazz to wider audiences for decades to come.

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