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Scotiabank Backbeat Presents: Canadiana Jam-Along (Western Canada Edition)
Scotiabank Backbeat Presents: Canadiana Jam-Along (Western Canada Edition)

In celebration of BreakOut West, we’re hosting a special Canadiana Jam-Along featuring 6 western Canadian classic tunes!

Playlist for October 2:

  • Closer - Teagan and Sarah
  • Robots - Dan Mangan
  • Ride This Out - Imaginary Cities
  • Juniper - Begonia
  • I Go Blind - 54-40
  • In Hell I’ll be in Good Company - The Dead South

    On the first Sunday of each month, we’ll sing and strum along to a new Canadian playlist featuring artists such as Alanis Morrisette, Neil Young, Matthew Good Band, The Weeknd, and so many more!

    Maybe singing isn’t your thing? Or maybe you’ve learned an instrument but have no one to play with? We’ve got you covered! Each week we’ll have a fleet of instruments available for those looking to learn, practice, or play along to each song. Whether you’re singing or jamming, no prior knowledge is required and we’ll give you the lyrics and chords for each and every song!

    Want to run through the songs on your own first? The playlist for each session will be posted in advance for those looking to listen ahead or practice beforehand, although this is definitely not required.

    So come along with us as we dive headfirst into some of your favourite hits!

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