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Alberta Spotlight: Mariel Buckley with Mark Times
Alberta Spotlight: Mariel Buckley with Mark Times

The National Music Centre is pleased to present alt-country act Mariel Buckley with country singer-songwriter Mark Times as part of the Alberta Spotlight series.

Few performers combine the lyrical heartfelt authenticity of classic country music with a steely-eyed intensity that compels an audience’s attention like Calgary’s Mariel Buckley. Amidst a sea of neon-Nashville superstars, Buckley offers a crunchy, roots alternative.

Mark Times is a songsmith at work. He’s a novelist with a Gibson, plucking stories from the windswept prairies and humming to the slow clack of typewriter keys. His work is the product of raw emotion filtered through a thoughtful process, distilling songs that are just the right amount of head and heart.

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