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Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary Showcase
Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary Showcase

National Music Centre and Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary are honored to bring visitors of Studio Bell this special event featuring and showcasing Indigenous song, music, and dance from local Indigenous talent.

  • 1:00 pm - Grand Entry
  • 1:30 pm - Opening Remarks
  • 2:00 pm - Showcase Performances
  • 4:00 pm - Closing Remarks

About AAWC

Designed to raise cultural awareness within the city of Calgary and to celebrate contemporary achievements of Indigenous people in Canada, Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary has developed into what it is today through the dedication and commitment of its volunteers.

AAWC, while not officially titled so at the time, began in the early 1990’s with various members of Indigenous serving agencies and dedicated community members. This small group began organizing events and celebrations in and around Calgary, for the week leading up to National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21.

Vision Statement: By creating opportunities for people to share openly and learn from one another, the possibilities become endless. We will work towards strengthening the community by working together with open hearts and minds.

Over the years this small group has grown and developed into what is now known as the Steering Committee for Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary, or AAWC. Officially established in 2011, the AAWC Steering Committee is currently responsible for facilitating the Gala Event, and the Family Day Powwow Festival.

Mission Statement: To host a variety of events during the week of June 21 that serve to promote pride, understanding and awareness of Aboriginal cultures, traditions, contributions and achievements to Canadian history, business, agriculture, environment, and the arts.

The AAWC Steering Committee encourages agencies within Calgary to organize and develop their own events during the week of June 21. The AAWC Steering Committee is also responsible for developing and distributing a relevant Calendar of Events, and will promote all local events during the week of June 21 on this calendar.

It is the goal of the AAWC Steering Committee to have an AAWC-led event for every day of Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary. With the continued commitment of the Steering Committee and the community, we will soon reach this goal of having a week filled with celebratory cultural events.

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