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CIBC Community Showcase: Gisela Romero's MEXICANA
CIBC Community Showcase: Gisela Romero's MEXICANA

In honor of Latin American Heritage Month, National Music Centre is elated to present the live album presentation of Gisela Romero's MEXICANA as part of the CIBC Community Showcase series.

Recorded in the National Music Centre studios and nominated for World Cultural Recording of the year at the 2023 YYC Music Awards, MEXICANA (2023) is a humble and very personal celebration of the cultural and artistic traditions that shaped Gisela Romero as a human, as a woman and as a singer. The album features the impeccable musicality of a selected group of excellent musicians from different nationalities that celebrate the opportunity to express through music their understandings about Mexico.

"MEXICANA is a tribute to my roots and to the immigrants that share their cultural treasure with the world. I migrated to Canada 15 years ago, this country has accepted me as one of its own and for that I’ll be forever thankful. Canada is my home, Mexico my family. MEXICANA is a compromise to my 2 countries to become an artistic ambassador from Mexico and Canada to the world." – Gisela Romero

About Gisela Romero:

Gisela Romero is a Mexican artist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 2008 who is known for singing Latin Music specially Mexican traditional music known as “Mariachi.” With an experience of more than 20 years, Gisela's mesmerizing voice will transport you to a true romantic Mexican serenade.