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Reflections: 10 Years Capturing Calgary's Alt Music Scene

“The photos presented here span 1992 to 2001: 10 years of alternative music culture in Calgary, and 10 years of my own life when I was a photographer for a number of local arts and entertainment publications. Though some went to print, most of the images had been gathering dust in battered moving boxes, unseen since developing the film decades ago.  

Most of the images were shot at a trio of venues that became a kind of alt-rock Bermuda Triangle, just outside of downtown Calgary - the Night Gallery at the northern tip, the Republik to the southeast, and the Ship & Anchor in the southwest. It was an easy place to get lost for a decade or so... 

Only one of those venues is still open today, but looking back at them, and reflecting on the musical scene they helped incubate and propagate; they’re at the heart of why it continues to thrive. Enjoy looking back with me.”

- Zoltan Varadi